Cashcannon webmaster program


CashCannon is the global affiliate program for the Dutch herbal company Jobacom Pharmaceuticals. Jobacom Pharmaceuticals is a company that has been specialized in offering On-line direct sales shops on the internet since 1999. These online shops have been placed in a joint partner program, which is now international active under the umbrella name of CashCannon. Jobacom Pharmaceuticals is a company that specializes in a wide range of herbal dietary supplements. The products are marked under their own brand names. These products have already proven their success by being the market leader in the Benelux (Europe)

Number One
CashCannons goal is be "the number 1" webmaster program that takes care of its webmasters better than any other program can. We have the ability to bring online marketing to a higher level and we know we can't do that without the support of driven webmasters.

Cashcannon Shops
CashCannon offers partners the possibility to choose from a range of online direct sales shops. Because of their high conversion rate they are very attractive to promote.

Wide Range
We aim at regularly adding shops (products) so that you can always promote the right and/or media sensitive products on your website. The shops of Cash Cannon are clear, straightforward and therefore very user friendly for the potential buyers. You will be amazed at the turnovers on our direct sales shops.

Direct Sales
CashCannon owes much of its success to the direct sales shops and the market sensitive products, which CashCannon invests in heavily. These are the so-called house brands which through clever promotion and techniques convert very well.