Cashcannon webmaster program

market and promote

Can anyone become an affiliate in Cash Cannon?
Yes, anyone with a website can join us as a partner.

Is using Cash Cannon free?
Its even better, we will pay you to sign up with us. As soon as you have signed up you will see we have already put 30,- on your account. You just have to make another 70,- to reach the 100,- payout minimum.

How do I register?
Go to the link 'Register' and fill in the correct data.

Is my registration active immediately after filling out the registration form?
Yes! After registration you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail with your data; this will give you entry to the members area of CashCannon and you can start promoting right away.

How much can I earn?
With Cashcannon you can earn as much as you want, per order you will get 50% of the product price and on top of this we pay you 5% of all commissions earned by any webmaster accounts you refer as a Cashcannon Partner. At the same time you will earn from the partners that have signed in through you.

How does it work?
After registration you will have a unique account and receive a unique partner code. When orders are placed with this code, they will be placed in your account. From these orders you will receive the 50%.

When does Cashcannon pay?
You can get paid whenever you want. As soon as your account has reached 100,- you can request to pay you directly to your bank account.

How many shops (products) can I promote?
You can promote as many shops as you like.

Can I promote various Shops, for example adult and non-adult?
Yes, Cashcannon has a variety of shops such as adult and health.

What is a Multi-level partner system?
By making you earn from webmasters you reffered and by making you earn from webmasters your webmasters reffered and so on, you are at the top of the multilevel system. So you will now earn from the orders that have signed up through your partner. For this you will get another 5% per order and the same goes for all partners below that.